Thursday, February 24, 2011

Spring Concerts to Uplift and Entertain

Boise families, you are in luck!  Two great concerts are coming up very soon, and are the perfect place to start exposing your tweens and teens to great music.  The first one is March 4th, and is a group called the Lower Lights

This is a non-denominational concert, but has many LDS artists in the group.  They often tour firesides, and this concert will include old spirituals and hymns.

It is sure to be amazing!

Sarah Sample is one of the musicians, and she is also a music therapist (like me!)  It will be worth it for you to attend this concert just to see her.  She has won prestigious awards in her genre, and has a heart of gold.  During our last road trip, her CD was the perfect soundtrack.  I just love her!

This is a ticketed event, and you can get your tickets here.

The second concert will be given by none other than the amazing violinist, Jennifer Dunn.  You probably recognize her name from other posts I have done on her. 

Here is a little secret..... I have never liked the violin.  It is so hard to play it well that it typically grates on my ears.  But that all changed when Jenn entered my life.  :)  She is soooo good, and I never miss an opportunity to hear her play.    She was recently chosen to put on a recital in McCall, and will be performing this same recital in the Boise area 3 separate times. 

It is so important to expose our children to GOOD music.  They are bombarded with sub-par music all the time.  Their appreciation for good music can only grow if they get to hear it!  So load up your kids for a family date night.  Or if your kids are too young, spend the evening cuddling your spouse and listening to some great tunes.  Either way, these shows are sure to delight!